Recipe Quality Assurance process

Northfork puts effort to make recipe shopping a hands off experience. In order to reach a hands off experience shoppers needs to be able to trust the matching from ingredients to products.

Even if we expect a lot from our NLP for recipe ingredients and products, Northfork puts human eyes on parts of the result inb order to make sure that the response is on par or higher than our standards.

Our customers are invited to the process especially in the onboarding phase, together with Northfork’s local cuisine experts, making sure that the recipe shopping experience will make consumers come back for more.

  1. QA onboarding

    The Northfork quality assurance onboarding of new customers and recipe partners.

    Step 1: Product data catalogue
    Step 2: Recipe data
    Step 3: Northfork engine enabling the recipe shopping functionalities
    Step 4: Quality assurance and golive

  2. QA ongoing

    After golive all feedback is sent to Northfork using the email address

    New recipes are added as they are created and the Northfork engine enables the recipe shopping functionalities. The Northfork’s QA team verifies the quality of the new recipes, on a weekly basis, and marks them as ready to publish in the system.