What is Northfork

Northfork is a SAAS platform that makes recipes shoppable. We do this by understanding, structuring and processing data about recipes and products in smart ways. Northfork blend into any digital property through API or widgets where retailers wants to introduce grocery shopping through recipes. Exposing API endpoints allow customers to build rich user experiences for seamless grocery shopping, widgets enable go to market fast.

If you experience any problem you are welcome to the Northfork Help Center

Using API endpoints

We expose two primary APIs that you can use to create a rich recipe shopping experience:

  1. Discovery

    Search for recipes in a wide variety of ways. Returns one or multiple recipes with complete meta data.

    Beyond searching through the recipe data provided to us, we automatically enrich all recipes with additional meta data¬† and enable advanced searches based on e.g. allergies, diets or what’s currently in stock in a specific store.

  2. Smart Cart

    Find in-stock products for a user’s chosen recipes. Returns an optimized product selection with price, quantity, images and more, ready to be added to cart.

    If a user isn’t fully satisfied with the initial product selection returned by the Smart Cart, we provide alternative substitute products that a user can choose from.

What value we create

We create value by processing recipe and product data in several ways:

  1. Convert ingredients to products

    Using a combination of Machine Learning / NLP and manual curation we understand and map hundreds of thousands of ingredient descriptions and products.

  2. Enrich recipes with valuable data

    With our understanding of recipe ingredients and their matching products, we enrich all recipes with valuable meta data that our customers can use to create a rich search and filtering UX for their end users.

  3. Combine shared ingredients

    When shopping multiple recipes there are often shared ingredients across them. We recognize those overlaps and make sure the user doesn’t buy unnecessary quantities.

  4. Optimize product selection

    We optimize the product selection by our customer’s or end user’s preference, e.g. lowest price or minimum waste.

Additional value:

  • Substitute products: We recommend alternative products for each ingredient if our initial recommendation does not fit the user's personal preferences, e.g. if a user wants to switch from one form of pasta to another.
  • Advanced filters: Filter based on e.g. diet, allergies or prioritize organic product selections.
  • In-stock products: We make sure that the products recommended are in stock for delivery to the user's location / pickup from a nearby store.
  • Personalization: We learn user behavior over time to enable personalized recommendations of recipes and products.